Rob Mazurek
Music for Piano and Modular Synthesizer

Music for Piano and Modular Synthesizer (Part 1)
Launeddas (for Basilio)
Mantra (for Enzo)
Music for Piano and Modular Synthesizer (Part 2)

Portal 112 (for Lucio)
Vassilios Filippakopoulos Smiles

Rob Mazurek: piano, modular synth, piccolo trumpet, percussion, launeddas, flutes and voice. Recorded at Marfa Experimental Studio, Marfa, Texas (2022 -2023). Photograph by Rob Mazurek of his installation Resonant Stacks at MO.CA, Centro per le Nuove Culture - MorettoCavour, Brescia, Italy (2019). Mastered by Jeff McMurrich. All music by Rob Mazurek (OLHO) ASCAP.


Music for Piano and Modular Synthesizer is a suite of compositions utilizing piano, modular synthesizer, piccolo trumpet, launeddas and various other sound devices in order to express certain emotions clear and bright.  Resonant Stacks of Energy in shattered Time sent through a specific modular synth patch, emitting sound… corresponding to my own innate qualities of hearing, seeing and feeling.  A kind of time Travel Device towards a more Utopian future.  I approach the piano and composition in general as a composer of intervals and resonant energy.  These 6 compositions live now in direct attendance to your own unique individualism.  Use this energy at your will towards your own utopian futures. This sound is dedicated to the memory and celebration of  the souls of lost life poets: Basilio Sulis, Enzo Carpentieri, Lucio Briganti and Vassilios Filippakapoulos.

Rob Mazurek is an interdisciplinary artist/abstractivist, working across multiple disciplines, exploring connectivities within sound and vision.  With a focus on electro-acoustic composition, improvisation, performance, painting, sculpture, video, film, and installation, he spent much of his creative life in Chicago, and then Brazil. He Currently lives and works in Marfa, Texas.

He is director/composer of Exploding Star Orchestra and co/leads the Chicago Underground and São Paulo Underground Collectives. Mazurek leads an array of unique ensembles from solo to octet and has released over 70 records on various labels including International Anthem, Rogue Art and Astral Spirits.

Mazurek’s work incorporates sound as vision and vision as sound in interesting ways, a vocabulary constantly shapeshifting, utilizing disparate elements to construct complete works of inter and outer feeling tectonics, that have the capacity to shift perception past, present and future.  Time Travel Devices toward multiverse complete love unity. 

The ball is tossed into the scrum
Kicked backwards and forwards
All at once


Blasted on itself
Roiling dirt and sun
Quickened by heaving nets of grade A… sung

Sidled…  bent
Slammed definitively
Lock stock and barrel
Shared temptation
To toil in mid days clock

Tipped eyebrows
Sunken groves of rotting fruit
Swallowing its own pitted grin

Refined elements
Stretching tons of felted clouds
Resistant to quickened pace
Hovering...    Distilled…   Blinding…

and into the scrum again
finding its own perpetual grace
Sifting between the letters
Ripening and expanding towards new undigested planets

Intervals in monster steps
Quietly recollecting its own resonant song

Recycled buckets of used tone
Shaking out
Into distinct puddles of reverberation

Mincing sand tomes
Into menacing skyscrapers

Reaching far…
The souls of lost life poets
High above
This pulsing heat

RM 2023